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Here are some links to news stories on the proposed Woodhaven Boulevard Select Bus Service route

QPTC Petition Against Woodhaven SBS

Gotham Gazette


Queens Chronicle

Transit advocates to rally in Elmhurst for improvements (9/8/2015)

Where’s the proof that SBS will work on Woodhaven? by Allan Rosen, 8/6/2015.

Queens Ledger

Queens Tribune

Rockaway Times

Rockaway Wave

W 12 Rd Block Assoc.

Forum News Group

Times Ledger

Consensus Elusiveover proposed Woodhave SBS (8/28/2015)

Forest Hills Times

Leader Observer




Left Turn bans!634&authkey=!ACX47nAD-F42IHE&ithint=file%2cdoc

Draft Petition!640&authkey=!AI53UK2K4ngP0uU&ithint=file%2cdoc


Video of cars wanting to make a left turn at Metropolitan Avenue on Sunday June7th at 3 PM, one of the places where left turns will be banned. (The situation at Rockaway Blvd is similar).!641&authkey=!ABpc2aMrVKNfGpg&ithint=video%2cMOV