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Woodhaven Boulevard Select Bus Service

New York, New York

New Starts Project Development

Information Prepared February 2015

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) proposes to implement bus rapid transit (called Select Bus Service or SBS locally), in the 14 mile Woodhaven Boulevard corridor between Woodside and Rockaway Beach. NYCDOT expects the project will include dedicated lanes over the majority of the alignment, enhanced bus stops with shelters, seating and customer information, an offboard fare payment system, transit signal priority, branded SBS service including signage and vehicles, and roadway improvements for improved pedestrian and roadway user safety. The service would operate in mixed traffic at the northern and southern ends of the alignment where streets are narrow. The project’s current estimated capital cost is $231million. NYCDOT anticipates requesting more than $75 million in Section 5309 funding. Thus, the project is considered a New Start rather than a Small Start.

NYCDOT believes that the project would provide faster, more reliable service in the corridor, while encouraging motorist and pedestrian safety. The project would also provide better connections to other regional transit services in the corridor.

NYCDOT chose Select Bus Service as the locally preferred alternative in June 2010. It was subsequently included in the region’s fiscally constrained long range transportation plan in September 2013. NYCDOT expects to complete the environmental review process with receipt of a Categorical Exclusion in April 2015, entry into Engineering in spring 2016, receive a Full Funding Grant Agreement in late 2016, and begin revenue service in late 2017.  

This original document is available at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration’s website: