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Pedestrian Safety is very important to members of the Queens Public Transportation Committee.  But that is not to say that we are in agreement with the “Vision Zero” program.  In fact, we believe that many aspects of the program are fundamentally flawed because it is a program of  young urban planers and not mature traffic engineers.

An interesting summary of the program is available in a New York Daily News editorial.

One important part of the problem is pedestrian education.  Education is typically embodied is slogans such as:

You don’t want to be dead right!

Have you ever seen such a message from the city?

Another important safety consideration is to get pedestrians off the street.  Consider the benefits of QueensRail™ where people wait in protected stations for transit vs. Select Bus plans on Woodhaven Boulevard where the city wants to move pedestrians to the middle of the roadway!

The other side of pedestrian and motorist safety is law enforcement of regulations that affect crashes. There is no evidence that speed, except very high speed, has any effect on crashes.  Some areas where law enforcement could have an effect are:

So what is the city doing to protect the public?  We say not much.  The city acts on matters only when they can disadvantage the general motoring public.