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Transportation for Everyone Rally

The Queens Public Transit Committee was founded with the idea that all modes of transportation in Queens can and should be improved.  We believe that transportation improvement is not a “zero sum game.”  That is, we do not believe that improvements in one mode of transportation must be at the expense of another.

We advocate safer streets and better (and safer) roads.  Pedestrian safety must not come at the expense of moving traffic, but we recognize that we are all pedestrians at some point.

And even though we may drive an automobile, we also use buses, subways, and railroads.  All of which must be improved.  While we recognize the importance of mass transit in Manhattan, it is also desperately needed in Queens.

Queens has virtually no effective north / south mass transit.  There are a few bus routes but no rail routes even though the city owns an inactive rail right of way that could be reactivated at minimal cost.  For a comparison of a central Queens north / south route take a look at our QueensRail™ pages and our discussion of the proposed Q53 Select Bus route.

Transportation for Everyone Rally

Stop the lane reductions and left turn eliminations on Woodhaven Boulevard.

Sponsored by Queens Public Transit Committee

Location: Woodhaven Boulevard and Queens Boulevard at Hoffman Drive, near the southbound Q 52 & Q 53 Bus Stop

Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 3:00pm-4:00pm